Client Reviews

"My husband and I decided to move from our 2900 square foot home of over 40 years in New Mexico, to a 1600 square foot apartment in a continuing care retirement community in San Diego. Kendra Henning helped us with all the steps of our move. We would never have managed without her calm help. 


Calmly and persistently Kendra helped us decide what to keep. She gathered and prepared items to be donated or disposed. She had contacts who could pick up at our house the tools, furniture, dishes, clothes, and books we wished to donate.  She advertised the items we wished to sell.  All the while she worked around our work schedules and house showings and sale.


She coordinated with the moving company representative to schedule our household move and that of our car.  On moving-out day, Kendra supervised the packers, labeled boxes with contents and room destination, and made sure nothing was left behind. After we left New Mexico, Kendra disposed of unwanted items and had the house cleaned and prepared for the new owners. All the while she had interacted positively with our real estate agent and the buyers of our house. 


She spoke several times giving and getting information with the move-in manager to make sure our move-in in San Diego went smoothly. When we arrived at our apartment on move-in day, they had pictures and furniture layout plans to work from.


I recommend Kendra Henning so that seniors in Los Alamos and Santa Fe, NM, can find someone to help them with down-sizing and moving."


- Anne in San Diego, January 2020

"I hired Kendra to clean up my mother's house after she passed away. It was a monumental task coming at an already overwhelming time for our family. Kendra handled everything efficiently and professionally. We found her to be knowledgeable, organized and understanding of our needs. We would absolutely recommend her, particularly to those dealing with the death of a loved one."

- David in California, November 2019

"It’s hardly ever given me such pleasure in paying an invoice. I have acquired not only a moveout miracle maker, but a friend."


- Joe in Santa Fe, June 2019

"Kendra, you’ve done a fabulous job helping me get moved out of my old house - your vision, organizational skills and good humor have helped me tremendously! I can highly recommend you to anyone who needs your services!"


- Margo in Santa Fe, May 2019

"Kendra Henning's supportive, calming, encouraging presence and expert skills helped me to make a definitive and therapeutic shift in the creative chaos I call home. We contracted for 9 hours divided into 3 consecutive days. I highly recommend Kendra. She is professional, clear, positive, fun, totally trustworthy and compassionately understanding in a down to earth and practical way to guide and assist in personal organization. I say, don't wait too long to schedule a session!"


- Diane in Santa Fe, April 2019

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